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How NOT to introduce yourself

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Really are some actual lol moments
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"im not a boy racer or anything"

oh really.......

"i got 16s mate and no back seats.i ate most cars i have raced nothing could even keep up with me plus im a good driver. plus i got a new bigger boost pipe trust me dont under estimate my car"

my car is the **** though mate infact its the dogs dangly bits. the lad i bought it from said he left a lambo in it on the a38 then it blew the gasket because it ran too much boost but now its running and ready well will be this week coming as i am putting a paddle clutch in it after that i think nobody will mess with me as it wont slip

i'm genuinely frightened.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA o wow that is epic- win win win
obvious troll is obvious, although I do find astra drivers have attitude problems generally lol,
Well funny.. talk about getting slated from day one of joining the site..
Is it me or has it been deleted or something? I'm getting a Database Error after I got to page 10.

Edit: Nope, the whole site's gone down. Probably due to so many of us lot looking in.
Excellent! What a tool. I thought he must have been some stupid 16 year old til he mentioned his son!
haha, what a nobber. got him some SERIOUS attention though.

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and now the thread is erroring, i'm assuming to much traffic?
Yea Im also reading it very intently...

This guy must be what vin aspired to being, close relative perhaps? lol
I can't believe someone built a 600+BHP Zafira [:S]
I can't believe someone built a 600+BHP Zafira
I know peolple who have people carriers have major small man syndrome out on the roads but this guys nob must be inverted or something?
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195 people of which 1 is a member, must be us lot.... only up to page 10 and have work early tomorrow so will finish it then.... better than any book! [:)]
I can't believe someone built a 600+BHP Zafira
Hes just upgraded that to 700 bhp, looks mental [H]
My wife runs a 1.8 CDX 16v Astra..maybe he would race her, thats got to be a wind up..
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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