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hit a deer!!!!

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not impressed hit a deer bent crash bar pushing intercooler into radiator think im going to cry
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Owowowowouch. Poor you. Never a happy event :(
sounds like it didn't actually go that badly, hitting a deer could result in total loss.
could of been worse i suppose
Still, hope you weren't doing three miles per minute lol:

least you didn't get injured..the car can be fixed annoying i know. but it could have been worse..
one ran out beside me then ran along next to me for a bit, scared the jesus out of me. At least you didnt try and swerve to miss it as you could have lost it and crashed!
i had a deer run out in front of me once in my work van, i reacted by swerving and braking. i didn't hit him but this is how i ended up.

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i didnt have time to react it was that quick!
So Bengie's van failed the UK elk test!
Thank god for ESP and a low CofG on most cars. You can keep yer SUVs and off-roaders, and stuff em where the sun don't shine.
nope, it was sliding perfectly fine, it was hitting the stump of a hedge with the front wheel whilst going sideways that threw it over. esp would have saved me.
when i had the accident my employer had a crash investigation done by an ex-copper who runs his own firm doing these investigations and he said that the same or similar outcome would have happened with a normal family car.
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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