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Hids4u problem

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Basically bought some hids from them about 2 month ago, fiitted them straight away they was working fine and dandy then the other night one of them (drivers side) decided not to come on but then next morning it did and the same last night, seems to be being tempremental. im thinking because of the cold but surley that carnt be a problem [:cool:] although it is -8 near me. any info would be great, tar.

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Ballast may be out, id get in touch with HIDs4u
check you connections on the ballast mate. my pins were a little lose and did the same. tighten the pins using a small screw driver so they hug the pin properly and you'll be fine. 2 min job.
Hi. Sorry to hijack the post but I was always wondering witch HID's u using in the Bora Headlights? I now the are the Bi-xenon ones but how this is working in the Bora? Did u done a MOT with them, are they not blinding others, how is the light pattern?? Thanks for the help guys!? [:)]
i have them in my Audi, whouldn't recommend them if your car isn't fitted with projectors as it tends to scatter the light and blind oncoming traffic.
ill check the connections asap, cheers lads. R.e seban, i have projectors in my bora mate so all is fine and dandy, beam pattern is spot on.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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