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HID Kit Removal - MOT failure

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I bought my mk4 GT TDi with a HID kit fitted. Today the car failed the MOT due to the HIDS not generating the correct light pattern.

Therefore i need to remove them and fit standard lights, I only have the HID kit for the dipped beam.

Can anyone tell me how to remove a HID kit, I have no instructions for the kit so I am a little stuck I assume most kits fit the same way.

Please can someone help, I have 10 days to return to the MOT station for free check

Do I need to buy anything e.g any original plugs which may have been removed during HID fitment

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just follow this guide backwards dude

also you can check on HID installation guides on youtube for videos and reverse the steps
Cheers for that mate, looks like no original wires should have been chopped off then. I shall have a look over the weekend, fingers crossed all I will need is a few new bulbs
Just two new bulbs and disconnect the wiring from the HID ballasts etc You could always leave the ballasts fitted if you can't get at them easily to remove them - once disconnected they won't do anything [y]

Where is the garage that failed you?
Burnaston Garage near Etwall Derby.
Good to see that some testers ARE failing MOT'S for cars fitted with non std HID'S.
Fit standard bulbs....replace with HIDs when your green paper gets given [:)]
I fitted the new bulbs and went back to have it checked this morning. Turns out that is the actual aftermarket headlights that are causing the problem.

The lights i have were fitted to the car when I bought them and are non standard, it appears they don't create the correct pattern to pass the mot.

So now got 8 days to hunt for some second hand standard replacements. I really don't mind changing/fixing things for MOTs however I think they are a joke. I took the same car somewhere else last year, lights passed no problems however other things were noted to be wearing.

These things not even mentioned this time, MOTs need updating in my opinion. There is too much vairation from garage to garage. The test place I went to even said I could try going to another garage and see if they will pass it. But that would be another £50 odd and they would prob say something else was wrong lol!

It annoys me that you see some cars on the road can't possibly be road worthy, but I get pulled for little things.
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