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hi, should have signed up a while ago

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hi, im chris from north london, i drive a white mk4 tdi 90 (used to be, loads of mods will start a build tread) ive been a vw/audi tech at independants and main dealers for the past 10years, back at main stealers now, im currently working on my own company at the moment, Vag world ltd, website should be up soon, mobile diag, serviceing, mods etc, my passion is diesel tuning at the moment and have a few exciting projects on the go at the min but will have to keep quiet untill there ready, ive had quite a few vags ,mk2's 3x8v's 1x16v, mk3 2x vr's, 1.8gl and i have a white 1.4 at the moment for when my mrs pass's her test, i had a few mk4s, polos etc, i am also a tech on thanks for reading!
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Welcome fella! Get some pics up.

Welcome to the forum mate.
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