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Hi possible new mk4 1.4s owner!!

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Right ive got a mk3 gti and a mk4 gt tdi that is my project car, but am possibly buying another mk4 daily.

Its off of my little brothers friend that i have known for years. Its a 2000 W reg silver 5 door 1.4s.

127k on the clock but with a 2nd engine on 96k. Its been sat for about a month as he says the gearbox is naff. He said he wasn't 100% but he was told the prop shaft had come out? Car still s elects gears 1,2,4 & 5 but third is ropey. Needs the exhaust welding on as it had a powerflow exhaust welded which he has now removed. Comes completely standard except debadged and smoked rear lights. Has 9 months MOT and tax is up at the end of the month. £450?? Sound any good? Ive sourced a gearbox for around £280 and think i can do it myself. Will also be sourcing the bolt kit and drilling the rivets out as i hear they are the main cause of the DUU,DUW & ERT gearbox failures?

Was thinking though that surely if the rivets had sheared then there would be leaking fluid and no gears s electable?

Its a bit of a pain as with it having no exhaust theres not enough compression to keep the engine running, to give it a run to find out how bad it is. But for the sake of £20 to weld the exhaust on ill give it a go and see.

Any help welcomed on this one guys!

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its worth the £20 to have a lttle drive and see if its the right car for you, go for it and good luck buddy [Y]
definatley worth doing the diff ..mine died and i had a 1k bill :( arse raped by a joke of a garage ..AA warrenty paid half tho :) ..diff has s/s bolts now tho :)
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