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hi need advice 6x9 setup, thanks in advance

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I currently have a alpine cda9847r deck

alpine changer

hertz esk 165 speakers up front

hertz he2 amplifier

it sounds good but i want it louder, so was thinking sub or 6x9, my budget is about £60. (have seen amps and 6x9s on ebay at this range) and have spent too much already. also the only sub i'd really fit in the car is jl audio and they're rare.

i'm edging more towards the 6x9s, but the fronts are already amped so really wanna leave them and the amp aone. but someone was saying somthing bout high pass or low pass.

so if i get a seperate 2 channel amp for the 6x9s what do i do and is it possible to do the low high pass thingy to it

also will the 6x9s also give some sound instead of total bass


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coz i heard that they also sound good and can create some decent bass.

i want to put them in the boot on a mdf parcel shelf
I'm not much of an audio buff but I would expect components in the rear and a sub will sound better?
GOOD 6 X 9s make good subs if they're properly mounted in a solid wooden shelf,but they need to be amped and low passed so they're only playing sub bass.Freeair bass like this can sound amazing if done right,by this I mean the shelf has to be a 100% perfect fit with an as good as perfect airtight seal around it,the smallest amount of leakage can cancel out a huge amount of bass.

You've got a very nice front end set up which would be a shame to spoil with any speakers playing full range sound from behind you,but it's more work to get ther rear set up you're planning than it is to put a sub in a box.


will the vibe slr12 sub with a0 amp be any good and will it sound decent with the existing set up
To be honest if you're putting a sub like that in you really don't need the 6 X 9s.If you've got a particular budget you want to spend then how about putting more of it towards the sub and it's amp?

I wasant going to put in both, it was either the 6x9s or sub

i can get the vibe box cheap, how good is the slr12 sub and whats it like in comparisson to the jl subs
JL Audio are normally regarded as being "better" than Vibe (Slick are Vibes most budget range) but as sound quality is VERY subjective what is good to one set of ears won't always be to another set.

With the what you've got in their already which is a step up in quality from the average,I'd say go for something like a 12W0 or 12W1 with the appropriate monoblock amp to drive it,maybe something like a JX250.1.

But a freeair bass install if done properly really does sound nicer (to me at least) than any boxed type of bass sound.I think Pioneer still do some freeair subs,and the Kicker Comp range can be used boxed or not.

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