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Hi Guys..Looking for some advice on a front end crash.

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Hey, ( Car - 2004, 54plate golf tdi 2.0 )

Cut a story short..slid on some ice and went into a ditch at very low speed.

Whipped the bumper off, air con and intercooler. and also the rad.

The rad pipe had cracked , so i need to order a new one.. ( any advice on best place to get, and preffarable cheap? )

I need to have the intercooler and ac pressure tested. Would a normal garage do this?? If not, who would do it??

Also the front impact bar behind the bumper is bent so i need to replace that..again any idea what its called or where i can find one.

And last but not least...the plastic frame behind the bumper, a few parts from that have cracked/ it possible to buy a whole new frame, or do i have to get the specific parts??

Any help appreciated.. - If you can see that!
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cheapest option is to go used scrap yard,

you need the bumper beam, and cowels, although part of the front panel is plastic so may need that, where are you we do aircon pressure tests etc
Southend on sea.

What does it cost??
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