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Hey, ( Car - 2004, 54plate golf tdi 2.0 )

Cut a story short..slid on some ice and went into a ditch at very low speed.

Whipped the bumper off, air con and intercooler. and also the rad.

The rad pipe had cracked , so i need to order a new one.. ( any advice on best place to get, and preffarable cheap? )

I need to have the intercooler and ac pressure tested. Would a normal garage do this?? If not, who would do it??

Also the front impact bar behind the bumper is bent so i need to replace that..again any idea what its called or where i can find one.

And last but not least...the plastic frame behind the bumper, a few parts from that have cracked/ it possible to buy a whole new frame, or do i have to get the specific parts??

Any help appreciated.. - If you can see that!
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