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Quote: posted by Tom R32 on 04/11/2004 13:40:26

What do we want to know?

Have you got a:

1 - Sister, is she fit?

2 - Bird, Is she fit? Has she any friends?

3 - Mum, is she fit?

4 - Boyfriend - please leave the forum.[:D]

You seriously need to get up to Scotland Tom[:D]

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how do u post pics in here. i drive a golf mk4 1.9 td gti pd. phew that was a mouthfull. ive got all the recaro leathers etc.

TOM i have no sisters

my bird id wow

mum is well dont ask

i wana post a pic up

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Welcome to the forum!

A pic of your car or your Mum? lol!

Tom is getting me into his bad ways because I am a sensible respectable member of this forum...

You need web space; Do you have any hosting space? if not I could host for you for a while..

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Quote: posted by EstorilBlue on 04/11/2004 14:57:40

Trust Cat to pounce on the poor chap first! :)

I think the only one pouncing was Tom [:p]

While we're on topic... don't look now fellas, but can it be?? The latest new member couldn't possibly be.... a girl?!

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Go on lads, do your worst [:eek:)]
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