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Im Leah, from Bournemouth, ive just bought a bora 110 tdi sport, I also have a mk1 golf cabby [:)]

Although im new to this forum I intend to stick around but I found the forum when searching for advise as my new Bora appears to have developed a problem.

Im finding a lot of information on Maf faults and Turbo vane faults but they dont sound quite the same as my problem.

My Bora is slow from the second you pull away, from a fresh start so its not in limp mode, and it doesnt get slow when it hits 3000rpm like the typical maf failure but when you unplug the maf it is only very marginally slower if any slower at all. Will rev freely when in neutral, It had a reconditioned in china bosch maf [facepalm]from a bosch specialist garage just under 18 months ago as it was doing the typical maf failure symptoms for the last owner.

any help much appreciated thanks Leah
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