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Hi guys, lil intro, my names simon im 27 from sunny south wales

ive recently purchased a W reg golf gti 20v turbo

cars had 2 lady owners

full service history and is in exellent conditions.

current mileage is 120k

Here comes the problems.....

No.1 The car is very hesitant when driving and feels like there is massive turbo lag....... been led to beleive this is down to MAF sensor as it will boost normal on occasions but most of time she just feels car isnt "breathing" correctly........

No.2 my temp gauge on clocks doesnt move even tho cars been running for water loss or creaminess in oil which to me doesnt suggest HGF, but any ideas???? temp sensor? thermostat? both???

No.3 ONE brake pad is "loose" in calliper, is ching'in about rattlin n annoying f**k out of me, scuse the french, retaining clip is on the calliper but i dont know whats wrong, car does break fine although slight vibration thru wheel if very heavy at speed....

No.4 iappear to have no engine managemnt light??? ive been told they r LED lit from rear of clocks...... how easy is removal of clocks and replacment of bulb????

someone has said tho tha if temp sensor has gone, car will think its still running cold and will over fuel to compensate n there for will also cause hesitation from over fueling?????????

sorry for long list, im just very anxious to get this "immaculate" car running correctly so i can enjoy driving her :D

many thanks to those who took time to read this and reply
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