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Hey folks, just joined from Cornwall

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Pick up my new golf 2001 GTI on friday, coming over to the dark side after ten years of Jap only cars

Hoping I made the right decision, gonna need to pick your brains on a few issues no doubt.

Hope you can be patient with me :D
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Hi Mate, Its the 1.8T and I don't collect it until Friday, will get some pics up then :D
U wont regret moving from japcrap to vag mate.ull love it. Good luck with the new motor
Welcome along.

I know which way id rather be moving though.
Thanks for the warm welcome people! Very friendly place [:D]
as long as you stay 'scene' you can be in [;)] lol, welcome along mate!
By the way guys I'm a pro photographer so if anyone needs any photography help just ask
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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