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Hi everyone i've signed up on this site on behalf of a mate whos currently doing a project 1999 1.4 - 1999 1.8T AGU Basic conversion. The thing we have been stuck on for the past week is that everything is installed in its position e.g. engine , turbo, gearbox minus the ecu and any wiring if needed!

I've ended up here as someone told us to search on google about mkiv forums in the uk and this came up! So my question is...

Having installed everything in the engine bay etc, apparently the golf mk4 speedometer has a built in chip(immoboliser) aswell as with the key! So for instance, if we put the ECU and speedo from the 1.8T taking into account no other wiring has been done and use the key from the donor, could we start the car and have it running or is there things that we are missing?

Any information is welcome whether its positive or negative.

Thanks in advance

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