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So ive had this leak for a couple months now, and am quite stumped as to where its coming from

this is what it looks like underneith

Its been leaving maks everywhere i park for a while now. even when i was just outside looking at it i saw it drip a few times so its coming out quite quickly

Anywhom i cannot figure out what it is? Car isnt loosing any fluids at all (although havent checked gearbox oil). The fluid does look like brake fluid but again the resovoir isnt going down and there have been no detremental effects to the brakes or clutch? ABS pump looks fine and connecting hoses, clutch slave cyclinder looks fine (although there is also fluid on the bottom of the starter)

just cant figure it out. had a few mates at a garage look at it on a ramp as well but there guess was as good as mine (they said slave cyclinder but i cant see it coming from there)

Anyone got any ideas of what else i should check?

any help appreciated

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