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Help please golf tdi 1.9 2005 cutting out

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Hi all help needed please we got our golf saturday drove fine on way home and next day then monday it cut out whilst driving and wouldn't restart took it to a garage they didn't know what it was disconnected the battery and reconnected and car started we then drove it all day and then cut out same way as before not restarting had it towed home got a diagnostic check done and no fault codes after trying to start again turning over longer than normally needed car has started again and drives fine like nothing wrong again but dont want to drive far case happens again any help would be great as every garage i have called have said without it being broke and no fault codes would be hard to fix.
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Could be a bad lift pump under the back seat. Can you hear it working when you first switch the car on?
Hi yes you can here the pump when turn on a couple of garages have said injectors or pump but surely if it was either of those it would run rough or before cuts out act like running out of fuel it cuts out dead instantly thanks for your replie any further help be great partner has taken car out today started first thing and drove fine dont make sence ?
Hi Karl et al, I have an 05 1.9tdi Golf with the same problem! It began if I drove in heavy rain a year or so back and so WD40 all over connectors under the bonnet and a short break (by the roadside sometimes!) seemed to do the trick. Since the cold weather has gone away after Christmas it is much worse! I've just had it recovered to VW Main Agents but it started fine to go onto the recovery truck. My Glow Plug warning light comes on if the symptoms are bad, but not allways. It fells like no fuel for a milli-second then all fine for a few seconds, then repeats. If I stop at a junction it cuts out but will usually start again, albeit reluctantly. Its driving me mad so hopefully Robinsons VW can find the fault - loose connector somewhere in the fuels system is my bet........?
Update: Spent nearly £500 with local VW main agent (claimed a whole £123 back from Warranty Direct, thieving sods). They changed cam position sensor and fuel filter, drove it round for a week but even if it played up while they had it they couldn't trace the fault. So.......I'll keep driving until it stops and won't re-start. Then they'll have to find the problem. [:^)]
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