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Help - Old Autotrader

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Does anyone have a copy of Autotrader from the past few weeks?

If anyone does, can I ask a really big favour?

I have bought a motor which is far from what it was advertised as. Unfortunately the garage removed the description from thier website as soon as I drove off. Well at least by early evening that day. The company is 'Keywise Cars', in Rewe, Exeter and I'm looking for the advert offering a V6 4motion at 5.5k. 03 plate Black with black leather.

I can't seem to find any other advert on the web, but hoping that there may be a paper advert in an autotrader.

Really appreciate it.
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Why not try searching for a cached version of their website? Or contact Autotrader - they might be able to give you a copy of the ad?
Thanks Dave,

Any idea how I would find a cached version? I've done all that I can think of but I'm not an internet whizz. I have gone through my browser history and clicked on the links, but they are not there..
Have you got the link to the current advert on there website, or the link to the old advert on autotrader?
What information are you far without the link I have this:

9 images available

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2.8 V6 4MOTION 3DR ONLY 40K , 3 Doors, Manual, Hatchback, Petrol, 2003 03 Reg , 40,300 miles, Metallic Black, MOT-12-2011. Full Service History, 3 MONTHS PARTS and LABOUR WARRANTY, Front electric windows, Electric door mirrors, Heated ...

(28 miles from your postcode)

Email advertiser Saving ... Save this car

Marketed by Keywise Cars Ltd
More details
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Thank you my man. Do you think that there will be a cache version of the whole advert anywhere or is that long gone?
It doesn't look like there is mate, I'll try once old is it? Cached sites are generally only a few days old
Damn, I bought it 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for trying chap. Appreciated.
Found it...... well the text any how.

Do you have a link for that? I tried but couldnt find anymore than what I have shown you
I found a different way. I may have a friend who's Gf used to work in a car sales publication company and still might have a friend who works there.

I didn't know this when I asked the question..... thanks for your help fella.
No worries, I hope you get your money back [y]
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