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[help] Kerbed My bbs lm rep. can i refurb lip edge ok?

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Very F**ked Off....

Kerbed my alloy, kerb damage to half the rim / lip edge, in my eyes its a mess...

can i get this fixed quite easily?, being as it is a bbs lm REP?

please any help is appreciated, want to know my options,

just want it sorted
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no way of telling without seeing a picture really.

But yes most things can be sorted out, but it does sound bad if its to half the rim.
need to get pics up mate, sure somebody out there can sort it ..
The Damage ...

Perhaps not as bad as i first thought, but want it sorting...

What Do You All Reccomend [:)]

Posted Image

Posted Image
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try wet and drying it back then a bit of metal polish..only problem is those are laquered so you will end up with it peeling if you dont relaquer it .

i had a silmilar scratch on mine but it was done by the tyre fitter..i now have epic laquer peel :(
use an aluminium file then re-polish and laquer. Mine were kerbed like that the whole way round it really doesnt take very long to file it out then smooth with sandpaper.
ok so just rub it down, and then just simply laquer it? can i just laquer the edge i would like to keep it unnoticeable if possible thanks
not sure on that but to get it smooth you will need to have the tyre off, it wont rub down as the kerbing is quite deep so file it out then finish with sandpaper.

I have no idea how to get that polished finish though lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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