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Help/ Advice Needed Please --------------- Tdi engine swap questions [8-)]

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Hi all, i am carrying out an engine swap on my golf 51' tdi asv 110.

The old engine has completly gone, im half way removing it, everything disonnected apart from aircon bits. Going to be renting a engine crane next weekend and remove it.

However i am needing some advice and knowlage on the following questions that im going to be stuck on.

I plan to replace the 110 asv with a 130 asz engine.

Any help on the questions will be much appreciated, thanks.

- Will the current 5speed gearbox aline up to the 130 asz engine that normally uses the 6speed, as in the centrial spline and the surrounding bolts that hold the casing together?

- Will i need to get the 130asz engine loom and/or ecu, or will i be able to use the current 110asv loom/ecu?

- Will i have problems with my keys and immobiliser if a different ecu is used?

- When removing the engine, how has anyone disconnected the aircon system ( as the haynes manual advices vw dealer) ?

- Any tips or advice on the engine swap?

As said, any ansers will be great help. Thanks, James! [Y]
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Ooh that's a hell of a swap. The injection system is completely different on the two engines. The turbo hoses are all different, as is the intercooler. There's nothing straight forward about it I'm afraid, and yes you'll need the ECU, clocks, all engine sensors and ancilliaries, wiring loom, then you'll need to either have the keys from the old car to swap the immo transponders or have your old keys recoded to the new immo system in the clocks / ECU.

Gearbox, I'm not certain. Should fit, but that's irrelevant if you can't get the rest of the engine bits above.
Hi thanks for the info,

What is different about the injection if i was to be using the 130 injection system would it not just come from the same fuel filter location as on my 110?

Is the immobiliser in the ecu or the clocks, my clocks are immo3?

If i were to get the 130's ecu, how would that interfer with the imobiliser if the keys and clocks are happy with each other?

Thanks, James [Y]
i believe your engine is a non-pd diesel pump injection engine whereas the pd130s have the pd injectors as the pump themselves. i believe it would be cheaper to source a donor car for the conversion as you would need to change a whole host of things. i recall a member on here converting his 90bhp agr to a pd130 i think his name was danny_sims
Now you're asking a few questions I'm not sure about. I think to do a straight forward swap (as in no buggering about with defeating the immobiliser etc.) you'll need to swap the ECU (which will be needed to make the engine run correctly), all the engine sensors etc. which the ECU talks to and reads (MAF sensor, MAP sensor, all other engine sensors such as coolant temp, oil sensor etc.) so the ECU can read them, all the parts such as air intake, intercooler pipework, intercooler, etc. for the sensors to sit in the right place), the clocks so that the immobiliser system talks to the ECU, the keys so that the transponders are recognised by the immobiliser.

The fuel supply is a minor issue. Yes, the fuel filter will be okay and you can connect up to that, but on the pd engine there is a fuel lifter pump in the fuel tank which you will not have on yours. The ecu will be looking for the fuel pump and it won't be there. And you run the risk of insufficient fuel supply to the tandem pump on the engine.

The turbo is different and you'll need the new engines turbo. The exhaust may or may not fit (not sure on this one).

Now I'm not saying it can't be done. No doubt it has been. But it's not a straight forward engine swap as it would be with another similar engine.
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