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Hi joined the forum a couple of weeks ago, to gain some knowledge and help. I have a black mk4 golf 1.4s which is my first car, i brought it november 2010 as it needed a bit of work to get it back into a good condition, as there was a half inch puddle of water in all of the foot wells due to the sunroof drain holes being blocked, all sorted now though, im looking to put some 18 inch lm style alloys on her, and also lower it 40mm.

I wouldnt mind some advice on which rep lm alloys to buy? and also which springs would you recommend?

Cheers Ben
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Welcome to the forum! Bm autosport sell good reps and jom coilovers I can recommend and so can many others.

Cheers, yeah i have been looking at Bm autosport, and i was looking more down the just lowering it on springs as im only gonna have it a year or so since im looking to get a 1.8t when i can afford the insurance.

Hello and welcome try ebay too fo anything you want for the springs there i am waiting for my joms atm why want springs with joms on such a low price?
just a quick question, does the 1.4 s come standard with alloys?
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