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Hi All,

I used to be a member on here many moons ago, I think my username was MK4 Turbo or MKIV Turbo something like that, when I owned a MK4 1.8T. I think it was an AGU, which I owned from 2002 - 2005 and then moved to a Civic Type R, and then on to a Merc C220 CDI, Civic Executive Diesel...then moved to Australia in 2012, where we had an Outlander for a good few years.

Anyway, long story short I've just bought a MK7.5 GTi, what a machine...I loved my MK4 but this thing is just way better, however, nowhere near as solid in build quality. The MK4 had an APR 98 map on it. Is Tabs still on here? And Mike who went on to buy an E46 M3?.....what happened to Gary Handa? If so, Tabs do you remember the dyno day we had at Daventry (I think) when VW Magazine were there? haha I think my map pushed out about 188bhp. I also fitted Brembo's from the LCR and some DTM (forget the brand) wheels.

Wonder if my old account and pics are in an archive anywhere :)

Cheers all

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