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Heating had to die today, help!!!

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Hello people, driving the passat today and the heating had to die at this time when it's snowing :(

anyways this morning i started up the car and put the the heating up full and after 10min the car was nice and warm. so drove the car out to town for a bit of christmas shopping, then an hour later i got back into the car and drove and notice my heating wasn't blowing anything out anymore. i tried pushing the button to max and nothing was happening. so stopped and open my bonnet and notice the 2nd fan in the front wasn't turning? is this normal?

so drove back home and but my hands against the vents and i could feel a tiny bit of hot air! what might be the cause?
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thanks maver,How to i check it? and is it behind the glove box?
not sure i had a focus with the same problem and it was the resistor behind the glovebox ill have a look on google just now do you no how i can post my own posts cant seem to work it out
thanks mate, had a chat with one of the aa guys, he says change the fuse before i do anything, but after having a quick look at the fusebox next to the door i couldn't see anything
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