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hi everyone, im after a bit of advice... iv got a bora 2.0l sport and when checking the oil yesterdy i noticed a lot of creamy gunk under filler cap... i know these engines are prone for condensation but this just seems more than condensation, its underheating but the thermostats leaking so im putting that down to thermostat, there was also a tiny bit of cream on thr end of dipstick??? im a pessamist at the best of times iv got a funny feeling its headgasket gone bust but im hoping with the really cold weather its just condensating more, any advice would be much appreciated. thanks in advance lee
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i had the same sort of problem couple of weeks with the same car mine was condensation but there was no gunk on my dipstick. i got told to clean the filler cap and housing and take it on a longish and hard drive . hopefully when you get back the gunk as not got any worse if it has then its prop ur head gasket .is the water tank clean or is there oil in it
i'd replace the thermostat to start with if you know its underheating or it'll never quite get hot enough

THEN give the filler cap and neck a good clean out, and take it on a good long trip, or at least one that'll get the engine hot. this is the perfect time of year to get stuck in traffic too so you could do that!

is the water contaminated with oil?
Yea does the coolant have any oil in it? if not take it for a longish drive and see if it all clears up...
Dont fear the worst yet -oil coolers are fair common- all the signs of the head gasket going but not a big problem. about 13quid for the part.

flush the system with your house pipe if thats possible and see what comes out .
theres no oil in the water i planned to do a service on it during the christmas break, iv got everything but will get hold of an oil cooler while im on it, there was a tiny bit of gunk on the dipstick, i dont normally worry cos i know they cream due to condensation, i just thought the worse when i saw the bit on the dipstick, ill give it a service and flush and then see how it goes thanks for all the comments
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