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has had a proactive day

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yesterday i received my HID kit from a lad of ED38 so thought ill have a go at fitting these actually was quite easy. Now that i got the modding bug again i thought i may as well de-wiper the rear thats all done now.

whilst i was at halfrauds picking up my blanking grommet i picked up a can of satin black paint to paint my badges front and rear,

So all in all quite a good day. will get pics up soon but need to wait for the weather to get better
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Busy day indeed! This thread needs pics though.

What grommet size did you get? I want to do mine soon.
not sure mate i think its inch and quarter but took old grommet in and just matched it up
I love days like that working on your car when everything goes to plan....

Shame about the other ones when something annoyingly stupid causes you loads of issues.
Ok. I havent even looked at the existing wiper yet so will give it a go when the weather is better.
I believe the grommet should be 24mm

Just a little tip on the front badge... if you spray it.. it will stone chip very easily! You best to vinyl wrap it!

another good day with the golf give it a thorough clean inside and out. found the box of that grommet it was 25mm
Cheers for letting me know, will try it tomorrow if its dry
Its really easy take inside panel off 2 screws then it's 3 x 10 mm bolts plus the bolt on wiper arm. Gd luck
Wiper has been removed. Local Halfords only had a 24mm grommet so have fitted that for now, will try a leak test later as it doesnt seem to fit that well.
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