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German Only Car Meet

Beaconsfield Services Jct 2 M40

Its Back!!!
Friday 27th April 2018
& every last Friday of the month thereafter

7pm till late

Will run until October/November weather dependant

If you have never been, we have a Pub open until 1am, a 24hr Starbucks, 24hr Mcdonalds, 24hr KFC, Nandos, Greggs, M&S, W H Smith, Chozen Noodle, Mint Leaves (Indian) El Mexican, Valerie Patisserie, Ibis Hotel (I case you get lucky) Mobile phone shop (incase you need a charger) and more.

We hold a huge static car meet where you come, park and pose. We do not allow, speeding, burn outs, load reving, load bass or any other anti social behaviour.

ANPR in opperation, we have permission to park here for as long as we like without incurring a ticket on meet nights.

No parking close to corners as lorries need access, no parking on walk ways or pavements (you will get a ticket).

We regularly get Police visits and in the four previous years they have only booked and fined a handful of people for driving with no front numberplates.

Remember its a public car park so highway rules still apply on site
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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