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There was a situation at the company i used to work for..

One morning came into work and the car park was all tarmac'd, 5 guys come in later on and speak to the MD and arrange to come back later to collect ?10,000 for the non arranged job.. He pays them thinking that is the end of that.. then for the next 3 months we get the same visits for the same amount of cash ( within this time scale we had dug it up and when we came in the next day it had re-tarmac'd [:mad:]) ,Then when says no more they then start with how is your daughter doing at Moorfield junior school , and your son at Hazel Grove high school.

They knew the name of his kids their routines , his wifes details, And literally held him to ransom until the company went bust. Grrrrrr

I don't blame the MD one bit as he was trying to protect his family , but once they get their hooks in you've had it.

I have no time for pikeys.

They still come around to my current employer to ask for the scrap steel ( and to have a look for the Brass, Stainless steel )

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