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If i were allowed to kill then i would have no hesitation in wiping them all out. Men women and children but not the dogs.

Gypos are stinky, ugly, inbred, stupid and stinky.

I used to be a security guard and the amount of trouble ive had from these scum doesnt bear thinking about. I cant stand the sight of them or their "mouth full of potatoes" way of speaking. I cant stand their "badger" hair and their "looks like fake tan but is actually pure dirt" skin. They smell of cabbage and burning pallets.

If i ever loose it and develope American Postal Worker Syndrome then im going to walk straight into the local camp and butcher every "wellington wearing" last one of them............

"dya wanna buy a carpet missus"

"can i interest you in some tarmacadum sir"

"spare a penny for the baaby mam"

Why dont the government give us a hunting season for them. Say february to november. Any man is then entitled by law to shoot as many as he wants to. We could even have game parks im sure the trigger happy americans would love to come over and blast away. Thats what we could call it.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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