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Arent the real GTi's badged up as TDI [:|]

To quote EVO "Faster than the petrol version"
and louder, smellier and less refined..... [:p]
Speaking of refinement , don't the real GTi's use considerably less of the less refined fuel?..[6]
Yes, but they can also use peanut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or in fact any old oil you like, so your actually being ripped off by every garage that sells you DIESEL OIL for nearly ?5 a gallon !!!!!

Why do nearly all TDI owners insist its the real GTI. ITS NOT, It's A Diesel with some nice trim and it goes well. It is not a GTI, see your VW history book, GTI's only ever came in petrol and as far as I know, still do !!! You can carry on telling yourself that you have a GTI, but you haven't. You have a TDI, which has it's roots set firmly in about 199?, not 1976 !!!

Sorry for the rant mate, but just had to get that one out. Feeling much better now, thanks.

However it's still a Golf, so thats OK in my book. Just don't tell me it's the real GTI.
I'll See you at the lights then [;)]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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