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Letter received from Autometrix 18/06/2005:

GTI International 2006

Bent-waters Parks, Nr Ipswich has not proved a popular venue for GTI International. I know that many of you find its location rather remote and we have not been blessed with good weather for the past two years. Because of this, we are making two major changes.

Next year, GTI International will be held at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. This is close to Junction 20 of the M1 and is within easy access of most of the big cities. The proving ground is used by many motoring magazines for high-speed runs, and this has made the name familiar to the public. The site has a permanent go-kart track and an interesting aircraft museum, providing more interest for families.

We are also moving the event to a later date and, next year, it will be held over the weekend of the 17/18th June. This will have two benefits: the weather is likely to be better and it will avoid clashing with the GTI festival in Austria.

I think that you will find that Bruntingthorpe is not only more accessible, but it will also allow us to organise the trade, club display and exhibition area much closer to the Sprint and other driving activities.

Full-Page advertisements about the new date and venue will shortly appear in all the major Volkswagen magazines and a large-scale programme of advertising and promotion will be set in motion in the first part of 2006.

Having spoken to a few clubs already, we know that some members have already booked their accommodation, therefore, we would be grateful if you could please circulate the details of GTI International 2006 to your club members.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you at `Inters` in 2006.

Yours sincerely

Sally Appleby
Event Co-Ordinator

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No difference for me both are about the same distance, I think if they want to make this into a great event that they need to incorparate the event into a full day and night event like bug - jam for instance so having the camping and entertainment on the same site as the show itself. So get in some acts for the evening or have a dance / disco tent with a couple of acts comedy or something more adult [;)]

If they can do that then I think it will go someway to making this more of an event rather than just a show as IMO that would have a broader appeal.

Also it would be great if they could have free rides in vw or audi racing cars as I know for one that would really appeal to me a potentially other
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