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gti foglights help

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Has anyone changed over the fogs on an ealry mk5 to the gti ones (obviously a new gti bumper too) is the wiring the same?? and do they fit on the same brackets??

Any help appreciated as big plans for the car in the new year :)
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The gti fogs fit on the gti bumper (obvoiusly) but not on the old gt bumper.

When I did my front end conversion the connectors on the new gti fogs were the same as the old gt fogs but I do know thats not always the case. It all depends what year of car you have and what brand of fogs you buy, so its suck it and see on that really.

Hi Lee

Thanks for the update. I have heard horror stories about the fog light connects not fitting. Im sire they will be fine , all the stuff is delayed so cant have a look.

The last question i have is do the fogs attach to the same bracket or did you have to modify it??

Cheers Damo
If the connectors are wrong its not the end of the world. Just get the right ones from the dealer and change them over!

Not sure what you mean by 'same bracket'???. The fog lights attach to the bumper itself so the the GTI fogs attach to the GTI bumper.
true , all hard to say what i need as i havent got it all yet.

Thanks for that. i havnt taken the front apart before and just assumed it was like other cars where the lights attach to the body work and the bumper just comes off.

All your advice is appreciated
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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