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gti 1.8 t

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hi im looking at getting a 2002 gti 1.8t it costs 3700 and has done 88k is this a good price and are the miles to high

also i wanted to know are these prone to the same turbo limp mode problems as the gttdi that i have at the mo

cheers billy
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Sounds about right mate. Best car i've ever had, you won't be disapointed, especially with a remap. Keep it well serviced and look after it and it'll be good to go for another 88K easily! Its not high mileage, it works out that its done about 8-9K per year so thats below average miles for the year.

cheers tony i always wanted on got the gttdi cos of doning more miles but now we do very few so the less mpg wont matter now just dont want another limp mode problem car

you can get about 190 bhp ish from a remap cant you what other esential modifications do u reccomend

just found out its had 8 owners i dont think i like that
No probs mate.

As long as warm the turbo up (don't high rev the engine until its warm), and cool it down (don't high rev the engine when you know your about 5 minutes from when your going to turn the engine off) then the turbo should be fine.

The 2002 Golf GTI that your're looking at getting has the newer KO3s turbo instead of the KO3 turbo on the older GTI's (pre 2000 or there abouts), so when you remap the KO3s you'll get a higher BHP figure than with the KO3, so you'll be looking at about 200-210 BHP with the KO3s and about 190-195bhp with the KO3. You won't need to do any other supporting mods for the stage 1 remap, maybe a Forge 007p diverter valve as the standard Bosch one has been known to fail under high boost. You only need to do other mods if you do a stage 2 remap but you're talking $$$$$ [:)]

Depends how far you want to go.
No, 8 owners doesn't sound good mate, have a look on pistonheads there's a few nice ones on there. Don't rush into it there's plenty of nice examples around and already with remaps and mods done to them etc. Look in the classified section on here also. I got mine on Ebay 3 years ago with the remap already on the car [:D]
cheers for the advise mate

thing is i need to part ex my 2001 gttdi so i need a garaged car to get that and i dont like to travel to far

there is a silver one on an x plate with 60k on it for 3400 but dont think the mrs will want to go older on regs
No probs, if you ever need help or advice this is a brilliant website, I have learnt eveything I know about the GTI and Golf's in general in here from the nice helpful members, either I will help or someone else will be more than willing to help you out.

Can't you try and sell your car privately, you'll get more money for it that way, and then try and buy your new car at the same time as you sell your tdi, so your not without a car for a long time, thats what I do. I know its convenient but I begrudge selling my car to a garage as they usually give you bottom dollar for it.
yea i know the prices are low but i have the turbo prob i want to push on to a garage sneaky i know but they would do it to me
Ahhh right, I got you mate, good idea [:-*]

I'll keep my eye out for you.
It really depends where you live. My mate bought a 2002/2003 GTI 180ps with a few subtle mods (owned by a police officer) 60k on the clocks for about ?3,000.

Id definately be wary of the owners, i had a corrado and i was the 11th owner on a 1994 plate... i sold the car 6 weeks later... :)

I have a S reg GTI and i am the 4th owner. Was kept by the first owner until 100,000 then sold it so it was passed around within 20k. Looked like the new owners didnt want to sort out any work on the car. When i bought it i had to top up/flush all the fluids and replace the clutch and give it a full service.
i live on the south east cost seems to be the most expensive place to buy a car lol

should make mine more but it dont seem to work that way
i got my 2001 GTI, 70k on the clock for £2750 (im in the south east aswell). It was up for £3200 initially but i got him down. At the end of the day, a car is worth what you are willing to pay for it. I wasnt going to pay over £3k hence why i went in at £2500 and settled at £2750.
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