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so Angry with this dam golf!!

Its a gt tdi 115, had new turbo, been serviced etc etc

The clutch pedal snapped 2 months ago.

Fitted a new one on sunday, pedal bracket and stop. all worked fine.

When i started the car which hadnt been started for 2-3 months, it reved and then idled at 1100 rpm and the accelorator didnt do anything. If i turn off the ignition and start the car again it revs for about 5 seconds then the accelerator cuts out as such (not engine) and it idles at 1100 rpm again.

It usually idles at 900rpm. The accelerator doesnt do anything at all. its obviously not a cable as it revs when you start it but then stops reving after 5 seconds.

when the engine is warm its exactly the same.

Could i have knocked something when fitting the new clutch pedal?

has something frozen up as its been sitting there for 3 months?

someone said fuel pump but surely it would rev when you fiorst start it.

is there a sensor or someone said about the epg or erg valve sticking? what are the effects of this?

thanks in advance, just really need my car for ovver christmas and cant afford take it to VW!
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