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Gt Tdi 110 Turbos

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Hi, im searching for a replacement turbo for my 110 gt tdi but searching for for golf tdi turbos on ebay brings up very few, can i use any turbo off any 110 tdi engine with the same engine code as mine? because if i can search all sorts of model cars like passats and what not it would make it alot easier for me.

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Google your turbo p/n and there are masses of info that come up, including alternate part numbers for your car.

Have been there and done that for my AHF so I know the info is there. Took all of 4 mins to find when I had the part number in front of me. Sadly I do not have this info atm so cannot give you a link.
Cheers mate thanks alot, i don't have the turbo off just yet im doing it over Christmas but i will search it when its off.

From the same type of turbo you'll be okay, eg a golf/octavia/a3 with a 90,110 or 115hp engine with a Garret turbo with the variable vane. There are differences to the longitudinal (passat, a4, a6, superb) and to the higher power 130bhp up engines meaning they won't plug and play.

I do not recomend used turbos as they are normally suffering, or soon to suffer, from VNT issues. I do up to 3 a week of them so would recomendd anythng you get having it checked/reconditioned as the time involved doing it twice is considerable.

Thanks for the info, When the buggered turbo is off i will see if it can be reconditioned it would make the job alot easier for me as well to save finding a new turbo on ebay or a breakers yard, Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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