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My other car is a Mk2 Golf GTI, and I'm an active member of the Mk2 Owners Club.

Over on the mk2oc forum I've been trying to put together a group buy for GPS trackers, so that in the unhappy event of your pride and joy being taken you've got an improved chance of getting it back sooner rather than later.

Obviously not fool proof and I know there are more advanced systems on the market, usually incurring an ongoing service fee.

But the one I'm looking as is a simple Vodaphone pay as you go Sim one that can be hardwired into the car for permanent fixture. I've picked this product as it was recommended to me by a work colleague, his son has them installed on his collection of vintage military vehicles.

Numbers required to make up an order are 10 and I'm nearly there with mk2 guys, but if I could get a handful of interested people on here too then it's a definite to proceed.

There's been a few questions raised and answers received on the mk2 forum:

So rather than repeat myself please look through that.

And the product itself is this one:

I started negotiations with the supplier and worked out, £42 (inc.VAT) a unit plus postage, I'd need to get them delivered to me (in Bristol), then shipped out individually but pretty sure I could ship them for £2.50-£3.00.

So looking at £45 max delivered to your door, an over a £10 saving on the listed price in the above, as that's plus P&P. I can combine postage on multiples.

I will require PayPal money before I place the order, I'm afraid I'm not wealthy enough to carry this and splash out up front.

Please comment if you're interested.
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