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Golf vs LCR ARBs

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Guys, quick Q

Are the mk4 golf and the mk1 leon cupra r front anti roll bars basically the same?

Is it just the drop links that differ?

I know the golf ones attach to the wishbone and the LCR ones attach to the strut, but is it the drop links that are the main difference between the two cars?

Appreciate all your input

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No, the main difference is the mounting points and shape of the bar. Golf routes over driveshafts and LCR under them its a much straighter bar.

A 25mm LCR front roll bar will be more effective than a 25mm golf fwd one.
Ah ok, so to summarise.. A front ARB off a FWD golf is actually shaped differently to a LCR/R32/4MO front ARB?
So it's more than just different drop links between the two bars.

That link supplied above just compares the LCR ARB to the r32/4mo arbs which I know are the same type so didn't really answer the question. Thanks though.

I ask as I'm planning on doing the TT/LCR front setup and will probably go for Bilstein shocks with the strut mounting points.
So I'll need an uprated front ARB designed for LCR/r32/4motion and uprated rear ARB for normal FWD golf..
Correct mate yes it is actualy shaped differently.

Yes you want a front and rear ARB kit intended for a FWD TT/LCR/Octavia VRS.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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