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Quote: posted by Neil-S on 25/09/2004 21:00:14

Skeaking ARB Bushes

i had this to, they replaced the arb bushes twice, then the arb and bushes with no change then they replaced the drop links with a new design drop link (not a recall) this sorted it

Exactly. I have the same problem and it was also diagnosed as the droplinks by my VW dealer. My car is over 3 years old, and apparently it's quite a common fault as the weight of the engine compresses the bushes and ultimately works its way to the linkage. They reckon if it's not sorted soon it can cause damage to and ultimatly the need for repacement of your ARB. The (bush and droplink) job including parts has been guestimated at ?150 - mainly due to the labour cost - the parts cost pence [:(!]

Incidently there are a lot of roundabouts where I live so not suprisingly it was the passenger side that went.

Also - had the car since new - the ashtray was broken from new! Replaced under warranty.

Tapping noise - might just be valve noise when the engine is still cold - mine has done this since new.

And no First aid kit - or warning trangle came with my car. I didn't expect it to though.

Oh and I can sometimes hear the engine through the stereo (alternator?) - I just put it down to bad earthing in the stereo. Doesn't really bother me as the milltek is far more interesting to listen to - and it sort of sounds like a turbo/supercharger[:D]

Don't get to mad about those minor niggles though - there are enough pros to more than compensate IMHO.

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