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Rear ashtray: Ive had two MKIVs and this sounds normal...I need to squeeze them together to close it rather than push just one side

Rear Fog lights: Normal. Only have a fog on the drivers side in most cars so people following you do not think they are just brake lights

Lack of First aid kit: Not supplied in the will notice a slot in your glove box that is empty too - it holds a camera, note pad and measuring tape required by law insome countries for recording an accident

I would get the stalling, tapping noise, and bushes looked at by the dealer. Book it in for that and make a note of the door trigger and rear light issues so they sort them at the same time. I personally only mention little things like that when another maore major problem is being done, Im not booking my car in for a squeaky dash or broken cupholder. If you do that they are also more willing to sort it...mine even fixed my stiff boot lifters without me asking
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