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Golf tdi smell coolant through vents help!

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Hi everyone, when my car is warm I can smell coolant when heaters on. It's usually if I give the car full throttle. Now I've got no wet carpets, no coolant leaks and unless it's a very very small amount then I don't seem to be loosing any coolant attall?

Anyone had this issue before



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Hmmm heater matrix weep. Mate has just done his A4 B5... same symptoms. His started leaking badly over about 2 months.

Not sure what else it could be. Keep an eye on the levels in the short term.

Do you think a k seal will sort it

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No because it's never fixed any car ever to my knowledge.
If it is the matrix there is no other option than to replace it I'm afraid.
The last time I replaced one (on a focus) i swore it would be the last, it's one of the most knuckle scraping jobs I've ever done. I hope for you sake it's not the matrix
It took my mate the best part of a weekend.
Awful job.

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