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Golf R32 - What's it worth?

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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about buying an accident damaged R32 that I am being offered at a reasonable price. I would like some opinions from you guys to see what you think it's worth?

Black 2003 Golf R32, 70k miles, 3 door - front end damaged. The inner wings have taken impact, and all the front end is missing including the slam panel. The damage isn't recorded, but I wouldn't be looking to put the car back on the road anyway. The car starts and runs.

In your opinion, what's it worth?


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is this the demo car you were onna bout?

why wouldnt you put it on the road at all?

seems bit of a waste
depends, being an r32 if you need the front end your looking at :

bumper ?200 min
xenons ?300 min
bonnet ?50
grille ?15

then you will need the mechanical bits so add another ?200-?300 to that,

then jigging to the chassi and any other damage, even damaged ones are fetching ?6500 ish so depends what it needs
I've missed out on it now, I was a couple of hours too late. :(

I break cars so would have broken this one too. I think the chassis leg took impact too so nothing I'd want to repair and sell.

Also the demo car would be a close mates who has a Mark 4.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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