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I have 5 x AER Phoenix 18" wheels

they were imported from Austria about 4 years ago

Im selling the car and the garage is not bothered about mods so am taking off all the stuff I put on

so here is a nice little offer to anyone that interested

You can have the 5 wheels in exchange for your VW alloys + £150.00

Your wheels have to have road legal tyres with at least 4 mm of tread and be in reasonable condition no heavy kerbing

You will have to travel to me to do the exchange

4 wheels got tyres on one hasn't

Two tyres on front are new back about 12months old done about 8k in total

Wheels are powder coated black satin

You have 7 days from today

theses wheels whould cost you over £700.00 to buy new today

PM me if your intrested

Its a First come First served basis
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