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Golf MK4 1.6 remap

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can i remap my golf MK4 1.6 ???
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you probably could, but it wouldnt be advisable as it would be a waste as the gains aren't great for the money spent, compared to the tdis or gtis
Peace and welcome to the forum,

Depends on your definition of 'remap' and how much power you want to extract from the engine. In theory, any modern engine can be remapped. But, for a non-aspirated 1.6 litre engine, is it worth it?

Without going down the turbo-charged and super-charged route (cost: hundreds, if not thousands of pounds), the most power you can add is an optimistic 10-15 bhp with 'cheap' mods (no pun intended) such as fully de-catted stainless exhaust system and air filters, etc.

You would be better off selling the car and buying a turbo-charged one for that matter...

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^^ As said - you'd probably gain 5-10bhp at most for a £200-300 remap. It's not worth it, our little things aren't going anywhere fast [:(]

Induction kits and exhausts will help to improve it's responsiveness, albeit very slightly. Sounds better though [Y]
i honestly wouldnt bother, just get an induction kit, if you want performance a 1.6 is not the car for you!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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