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OK, I've searched and read quite a lot of the great guide(s) on the forum around this topic. But there is one point that is not clear to me.
On my estate tailgate lock (the actual claw part that secures it, not any of the the linkage) there is a socket with two tiny spade terminals inside, that takes a plug on the wiring loom. It has a spring loaded metal strip down the side that looks like it should actuate a switch inside it's plastic body. It also looks as if it should be removalble but I can't see the way to do this. I have done a continuity test from one to the other terminal and they remain open circuit when either the metal strip or the "claw" is operated. (edit - "claw" = latch.)
My assumption is that it's supposed to tell the central locking air pump to stop when the lock is secure? That pump continues to operate for some time after the drivers door key is locked and blows the small gaiter off the tailgate lock actuator.
But maybe it does something else?
Can anybody tell me 1. what it does, 2. can I remove/replace it and/or 3. can it be bypassed (and I can happily use a key for the tailgate) and will that stop he pump running?

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This is the bottom edge of the tailgate from inside. The red arrow points to the socket, blue to the spring-loaded metal "strip" and the green line circles the end of the lock "claw" (latch) visible from this angle (for orientation).


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