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Golf headlight protectors/covers.

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Anybody know wheres best to get a pair ? Im planing on blacking/tinting them out.

Or has anyone got a set they dont need/want [^o)]

Cheers Bibby
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dealer mate thats where :) think they are around £30
thats not a badprice , there a set on ebay for 39.99 plus postage which seems dear
can someone explain what these are to me? or send me a link haha cheers
There just a plastic cover that fits over the headlight.....
Anyone know what the dealer part no. is ???
could you send a link please?
I dont have a link but these are the oem ones

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just phone up tps and ask for them they will get them for you..... i might have the part number at work i have a look tomorrow but you wont need it i didn't
Might be tempted to get a set for mine, Would save the Anni lights should any stones hit them
I bought some the other day they are about £30 but well worth it they look good and its big money if your headlamps get smashed!!
Ive had them on mine for over 18months after buying a set of Anni headlights brand new. They are a swine to keep clean as you have to remove them to clean behind them, but they have saved my lights no end.. Think they cost me £26 from the stealers when i bought them. came with clips the lot.

Tip for when you fit them is put some vasaline on the rubber things that touch your headlight glass.. Because the lights get hot too touch, they parish the rubber and sometimes (if left on for extended periods) can stick to the light. The vasaline helps stop that and easier to remove.. Downside is... the protector does and has moved slightly. No biggy...
hi there, just a quick question. i have these protectors on my golf and are really grotty behind and i want to clean them, how do you get them off? do you have to take the light out or is it a lot simpler than that?
You just need to unhook the protector off the metal clip and take it off.. Just be careful not to loose the clip into the depths of the engine bay.. Done that all too often and have to take the belly pan off!!!
I'm on my second set of the oem ones, got both of first set trashed in a single journey so would have cost a fortune to replace my Anni lights. Well worth the £30 or so from the stealers. Need to remove them when you wash the car as they trap loads of road dirt.
Can you get these for the bora from VW?
I want some for my bora too, they come up for sale second hand every now and again but ive missed out both times ive seen them.

Not sure if they are still available from the dealers.
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