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Golf GTTDI 115 (2001)

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I have had the head rebuilt as the engine was losing water, this has
now been solved and i am left with the following problems which were not
apparent previous to the to the re-build

I have a starting problem first thing and blue/white smoke from
exhaust, a new internal injector loom, glow plugs and relays, low
pressure fuel pump, temp senser, refurbished turbo, one new injector,
and a compression test done. The intercooler has been flushed twice but
oil still collects in the intercooler pipe, the garage has checked the
turbo and say it's not turbo ,the car drives great except for the poor
starting when cold and smoking.

The car has been back to the garage several times and I have spent
alot already and I still have the same problems that I went in with,
which the garage diagnosed, can anyone advise me which way to go next.

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Just a thought, change the engine coolant tempreture sensor, if it's not already been done. That sensor does two things, Firstly, it tells the gauge in your cluster in the car what the coolant temp is but it's also used more importantly for emmissions and helps with fueling and starting. If the sensor is coloured black it's likely it may be faulty. Change it for a new green one. Normally it'll throw a CEL though but it may be worth a shot.
Who is your garage? Don't wanna be rude but it sounds like they have replaced everything and anything. If it were me I'd try an get it diagnosed in a VW garage or with vag-com and some searching and decide then how/who is to fix it. It would surly have cost less than just replacing everything. Also have the garage used proper vdub sensors as i have had more problems with cheap new sensors than old grubby vw ones.

When i had a cracked head (AJM) and i took the head off i also saw bad scoring in the piston holes (sorry not very technical of me) and decided that whilst it was chucking out smoke yet it would be soon so changed the engine. I don't know if the crack in the head leaks down and causes the damage or whether it was coincidental. Were you able to see the state of them on your? I think you would now be burning oil and having to top up if this was the case?

Just a thought. Where are you by the way?
I agree with drx. Get it properly vag com checked rather than the scatter gun approach. You've probably paid for and replaced parts that you didn't need to!
Couple of other things:

Is the smoke all the time or just startup?

Since when did this start.? Was it after the recon turbo??

My son and I re-built the head and replaced the temp senser, glow plugs, and relays, we used all genuine VW parts, I also had the Turbo rebuilt after the garage advised it was gone.

The garage replaced everything else.

Yes, in hinesight, I should have gone to a VW garage. (lesson learnt).

We only had a small leak on the head gasket, (exhaust side) and had no obvious scoring or bad marks, it all looked good.

Location, Somerset.

Thanks you for your help.
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Hi again,

It smokes all the time and it did before the turbo was done.

The garage replaced the injector first and the car ran well for a couple of weeks then stated to smoke again but we still had a starting problem, throughout, the car has continued to run well.

I'm wondering if this could be injector's?

Thanks .
Did you have the head pressure tested?

I'm really no expert, the presence of oil in the intercooler pipes is normal. Lots of it is not normal and is often the turbo related. The fact you have changed it (do you trust the replacement?) and the smoke was there before and after the turbo change makes me more suspicious of the head.

Why was the rebuild done?

On my sisters citreon diesil the smoke and bad starting was due to air getting into the fuel on its way to the injectors and on the rubber pipes interconnecting the injectors together. You could check the conections to and from the fuel filter and to the rails that run allong the front and maybe get jubillee clips to replace the crappy spring clips. Thats cheap to try.

I think you should put a shout out to vag-com users in your area who are on the forum and swap some beers for a scan. Or authuorise your local VW to do 1/2 and hour or an hours diagnostics and see what pops up. As i remember audi charged me £38 all in for half an hours dianosing.

By the way just to be clear, I wasn't sugesting that you should have used VW to fix the car just diagnose the issues.
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