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Golf Fuel Pump

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Thanks in advance for any input to my problem.

1999 MK4 Golf 110bhp Tdi - engine failed to start a few days ago after a short journey, just before I pulled up and turned off the ignition, the accelerator / rev guage needles were cutting out / coming back on / cutting out - while I was driving, and the car seemed to be weak in pulling.

Now it wont start up, it initially starts but immediately cuts out, my mechanic has tried all the usual to get it started without any luck.

We both think its a faulty fuel pump, and im now looking for a second hand fuel pump.

Does anyone know if a fuel pump from a 90bhp bora will fit (my golf is a 110bhp) ?
As I have found the Bora one pretty cheap....

Also, whats the going rate for a second hand/reconditioned fuel pump for a mk4 110bhp golf, so I have an idea when I ring round breakers. Thanks and merry xmas
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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