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Golf Edition 40!

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Can't help feeling that I'd still rather have a R.
Not for me, not driven at R but had my share of 4WD performance.
Crap fuel economy and too many moving parts for long term ownership.

Mates 3.2TT has been a nightmare in DSG guise, haldex issues, mechtronic problems. Maybe he got a bad one but 2WD is a lot easier for the home DIYer to manage.

I know the advantages of 4WD but I couldn't justify it, my Ed30 is great and make it 261/300 out the box and it would be fantastic.

Lots of power and 2WD is fun.

They reckon the top Seat Leon is a nicer car to drive than the R and still feels planted despite 2WD traction.

I agree with the maintenance costs though.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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