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Ok its not exactly a Golf, but it kinda is.. well engine & box anyhow.

1.8T Lupo by JBS for me (well Mrs B really I just paid for it LOL)

Collected ickle Lupo from James, Kev @ JBS on Friday for a covert present for Mrs B on Xmas day.

Ickle Lupo was being finally fettled for collection when we arrived. (Mrs B son and me-thanks George )

James took a bunch of pictures which will be available on JBS's website no doubt.

The conversion is superb! I can't say quite describe adequately what a to pjob they've done on the installation.. Clean, neat, factory like but neater..

New motor is a 1.8T, AUM golf motor/g'box, REVO'd 4bar for those who don't know what it was getting.

The 1st drive was 'interesting' and needless to say it will be receiving a Peloquin diff at some point when I can afford it. Reminds me what a little K03 can do with decent code on it... Rapid spool up indeed... something I had forgotten about with my ibiza..

Acceleration is extremely rapid for such a small, light car. Handling has'nt been upset by the extra 20VT weight up front.. (car started life as a boggo 1.0E, 50bhp poverty spec Lupo). Suspension was already Bilstein Sports dampers and Eibach springs.. which work superbly, controlled, firm, but rides bumps very well.

Engine runs my old PACE/Jabba chargecooler, although the pump expired already (well it was only a caravan pump after all!), and I've replaced the pump with the Ibiza's electric water pump now so its better for it. Large 2.5" Dp into 2.5" Jetex centre exit exhaust (not what was ordered, but Jetex sent it by mystake.. and Mrs B likes it so its staying)

The car drives very smoothly, and in the words of Mrs B, drives like the Golf did.. which does'nt sound right, but is actually true.. Lupo which drives as well as the old MK4 Golf we had did. Lupo after all being Golfy replacement for her. Thankfully done very well by JBS, and has delivered all the performance she could want.

I would personally like to publically thank JBS Auto Designs, for their extended hours working towards the end, making sure it was ready for Mrs B on Xmas day. Their quality of workmanship is exemplorary, given this is no easy task squeazing a 1.8T into a tiny Lupo engine bay

It was a complete surprise for Mrs B and she was VERY VERY HAPPY and overwhelmed at seeing her car appear on Xmas day.

When I get a mo I'll take some piccies and post em up..

Beware of an ickle blue lupo round and about.. it goes like stink.

(940kg and ~200bhp makes for some good fun)

Thanks James, Kev and all @ JBS.


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I have to say I've been impressed with this car too. I've watched this car taking shape over the last few months and it looks like a little beast. Bet it goes like stink too. Big credit to Kev for the hard work and attention to detail he's put into it.

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Quote: posted by dub_weiser on 28/12/2004 21:01:26

Dare I ask how much all that cost sure others are curious too?

loads is all I'll say.

Totally daft spending it.. but what the heck!

could have bought a new Lupo for what it cost.

its a Golf replacement for Mrs B as she has pined for it ever since it went to its new home. thankfully she likes it so we're all happy. (and I'm broke!)
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