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Golf Annie, Main Dealer Mess up. HELP!!!

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Can you believe this, I put a deposit on a 2nd hand Golf Annie GTI TDI at Benfield Motors in Newcastle, A VW main dealer. I was due to pick the car up tomorrow and they have phoned me today to say the car is no longer available for sale, this is after I paid deposit, arranged loan, insurance etc etc.

The dealers have accepted that they must find me a replacement car and have offered me ?500 off a new golf. They said that because the Annies are few and far between they simply cant get me one. However I have found another main VW dealer who have one for sale of exactly the same spec, surely they can just get it delivered to my local VW dealer.

Can anyone help as i'm getting nowhere.

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I had major problems in locating a diesel anni with decent mileage, and when I found one doing the deal was a nightmare- I totally sympathise with you!!!!! One minute the deal was on, then off, then on...... you get the idea! In the end I finally got my hands on it, 24k miles and it cost me ?13k.

Hang on in there and keep looking, I looked on the autotrader website everyday and in the end one turned up. Its well worth the wait! It might be worth writing to the DP at the dealership, sometimes going straight to the top is thge only way.

Good luck!
I sold my car before finding the anni, d'oh!!! I've seen them advertised from ?11k with 85k miles to some joker who wanted ?16k for one with 25k miles. I would have happily paid ?14k to be honest, the only thing to insist on is full vw service history and make sure that no one has nicked any of the trim.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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