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It's well executed for what it is, a VW rice-rocket that will mix it with the Japanese rice rockets in the F&F scene. We're more used to, (and more attracted to) the Euro-look Golfs on here. The handles, stance, wheels, colour, paint job and fit and finish are all top rate and work well. The overall effect is just a little too Max Power for me though. I'd like to see a more conservative version of the same kit - no eyebrows, VW badge on the grille, finer mesh at the front so the FMIC is not in your face so much (even though that's the fashion), mirrors with a solid stalk, no stickers, VW badge at rear and a black piece filling the cut-out in the rear valance. Don't want much do I? Just ripe for some Photochop work, hint hint.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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