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Quote: posted by Chris on 08/02/2005 14:50:32

I lowered my 1.6 when i had it (seems an age ago now), and it has the same suspension setup as the 2.0. I fitted 30mm Eibach springs, and it felt fantastic at first, really firming it up, and radically reducing body roll. However, once the honeymoon period is over, you soon realise the shortcomings.

The standard shocks are very very poor, and as such cannot cope with the stiffer shorter springs, and it creates a very bouncy nervy ride over undulating roads or sharp changes of direction. Within 5k i could feel the effect it had taken on the bushes and shocks, they were considerably noisier, bouncier and harsh. All in all, while under ?200 fitted sounded a great deal, it wasn't - and i would recommend anyone thinking of doing it to think again.

In future, should i ever lower another car, i wouldnt even think about it without getting dampers at the same time.

I second that, as the same happened with Borat, which was roughly the same time as Chris got his done... your shocks won't last 2 minutes! [:(]
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