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I have a 150bhp diesel golf which recently suffered failure of the cam which am told is reasonibily common on this engine sadly!!

I have had the car repaired (at great cost) and ever since the glow plug light stays on for up to 10 secs after turning the ignition, whereas it never used to stay on long at all!

Also if started while the light is on the engine revs to about 1500rpm consistently, whereas waiting till the light goes out it starts as normal?

Before the light was on so little time you could start by just turning frm off straight round to start.

Also the beast is far more thursty that it once was but not too sure if this is just as the cam is tight and the valves are now being opened fully....that is what the garage say!

Not too sure where to start to look, but cant see that a new cam could cause these problems, can anyone help?

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